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  A highway entrance

ETCPlease enter "Common" or the lane displayed with "ETC/ Common".

(The ETC lane is for exclusive use of the vehicle installed with ETC equipment and the customer who hold a ETC card.)

* If you have entered the ETC lane by mistake.
Because an opening and shutting lever does not open, it is not gone out of the lane.

Please wait until the staff comes.


  The automatic issue of an entrance ticket.

A ticket is necessary. Please pick it from the automatic ticket machine when you enter the common lane.

Please keep the ticket carefully. You need to pay the rate from the most distant interchange if you lost the ticket.

The automatic publication of an entrance / the pass

  An entrance / a directional marker

An entrance / a directional markerI catch sight of a green directional marker showing a direction in the front upper part when I pass through the entrance lane. I check it well, and please keep to be reliable.
Because it is one way, I go back, and the highway top cannot revolve. A certain direction is closed for the mark of the right note.

  An interchange directional marker

An interchange directional markerPlease note that there is a directional marker 2km and 1km before the interchange.

Even you miss your interchange, never try to reverse or turn.
It may lead to a serious accident. Please keep going forward and exit in the next interchange.


  An exit / a tollgate

An exit / a tollgateWhen you exit the highway, enter the exit ramp and please keep slowing down until passing the tollgate.

Please enter "Common" or the lane displayed with "ETC/ Common".

Please give "the ticket" you picked at the entrance to the staff.

The staff will tell you the amount of the toll and please make the payment(The amount is also displayed in the display in front.)

Because I do a ferry of a receipt, please receive it.

An exit / a tollgate

  Expressway toll


Dooh Expressway(Kunnui - Sapporo/Minami), Doto Hokkaido Expressway(Chitose/Eniwa JCT - Yubari)

Dooh Expressway, Sasson Road(Sapporo Minami - Otaru)

Dooh Expressway(Sapporo - Shibetsukenbuchi)

Doto Expressway(Tokachi-Shimizu - Honbetsu-Ashoro)

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