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  A seat belt

A seat beltWhen you get into the car, please do not forget to wear the seat belt. The seat belt is your lifeline.


  Follow the safety speed

I follow safe speedOn the highway, speed regulation may be applied when the weather or road condition is poor. Please follow the speed mark and please drive carefully.


  Only use the mobile telephone in Service (Parking) area.

Only use the mobile telephone in Service (Parking) area.The use of mobile telephone during driving is prohibited. Only use it in Service (Parking) area.

  Keep left

Keeping left fieldOn the highway, keep driving on the left traffic lane (driving lane). Right traffic lane is a traffic lane for "overtaking". Return back to the left traffic lane immediately after overtaking.


  The highway is "one way"

The highway is one wayEven you miss your interchange, never try to reverse or turn. Reverse driving will lead to a serious accident.


  On the highway, never get out of the car

On the highway, I do not appear on a roadEven you need to stop on the road or the road border due to accident or break down of vehicle, never jump off the car in haste. Please follow the instructions below.

Please perform a signal (hazard lamp lighting, ignite the smoke maker, stop indication board) to the car behind and go outside the guard rail.

It is possible that the car behind collided with yours, to wait inside or stay in front or at the back of the car is very dangerous.

When you get off, be careful of the traffic.

When you find an accident or any broken vehicle during driving, slow down and confirm if there is any person nearby. (Never stop or get off to offer help because it is very dangerous).

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