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  Correspondence of the emergency (an accident / broke down)

Please perform a signal (hazard lamp lighting, ignite the smoke maker, stop indication board) to the car behind.

Please report the break down / the situation by the "emergency telephone". Emergency telephone is installed in every 1km (every 200m inside tunnel). The phone automatically connects to the road control center when you put up the receiver. Please inform the following details if connected.

Correspondence of the emergency (an accident / trouble)
  • An emergency phone number(ascent or descent)
    *I know the accident/where the broken part is.
  • Number of vehicle involved, stop position, having fire or not.
  • The presence of any injured person.
  • The situation / the cause of the accident / the broke down vehicle.
  • The type/ the size of the broke down vehicle.

  If a fire occurs in a tunnel

Inside the tunnel, a button report device is equipped in every 50m, and an emergency telephone is installed in every 200m.

Please try to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher as early as possible.
Fire extinguisher is available in every 50m.

If a fire spreads, please evacuate immediately.

When temperature falls, the smoke descends. Make sure you are not suffocated by smoke and swiftly move to the emergency exit.

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