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  Service area (SA) / parking area(PA)

On the highway, vehicle cannot park or stop except for emergency. Therefore Service area and Parking area where drivers and passengers can take a break is offered. Service area where you can have meal, do shopping or refuel is available every 50km-150km, Parking area where restroom is equipped available in every 15km - 35km. In addition, base on the traffic volume, area such as Waatsu parking area in Hokkaido has Parking area where shops and gasoline station are specially set up.

Refreshing amusement with restaurants and shops

[Hokkaido Expressway]  Usuzan SA·Tarumae SA·Wattsu PA·iwamizawa SA·Sunagawa SA
[Sasson Road]  Kanayama PA

Refreshing amusement with gasoline station

[Hokkaido Expressway]  Usuzan SA·Wattu PA(It is open for 24 hours)·Sunagawa SA

Auto selling machine only

[Hokkaido Expressway]  Toyoura PA·Hagino PA·Misawa PA·Tyashinai PA·Otoe PA
[Doto Hokkaido Expressway]  Tokachiheigen SA

Restroom only

[Hokkaido Expressway]  Sizukari PA·Toyourafunkawan PA·Pipputaisetsu PA
[Doto Hokkaido Expressway]  Kiusu PA·Osarushi PA

* Restroom is installed in all refreshing amusement.

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