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  Traffic rules

Pedestrian keep to the right side of the road, car and two-wheeled vehicle keep to the left.

Follow the traffic light, speed limit, road sign instructions and drive carefully with attention to traffic condition.

Never drink-driving.

Including the driver, the fellow passenger is required to wear the seat belt.

When a child under 6 years old is on board, a child seat is required.

Please do not use the mobile telephone during driving.

  Traffic violations

 The kind of the traffic violation  Fine(JP YEN) Penal servitude 
OverspeedLess than 15km/h9,000 
over 30km/hThe amount of money of the fine is decided at a summary court. 
Driving under the influence of alcoholLess than 1,000,000Less than 5 years
Take on alcohol and runLess than 500,000Less than 3 years
Parking violations
Illegally parked parking violationParking and stopping prohibition places18,000 
No parking places15,000 
Violation of parking and stoppingParking and stopping prohibition places12,000 
No parking places10,000 
Other violation
Mobile telephone use(Danger of the traffic)9,000 
Signal disregard(red)9,000 

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