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  Reservation to return

Follow documents are necessary when you borrow a rent-a-car in Japan.

  • Driver's license valid in Japan
  • Passport
  • Credit card

  At the time of a reservation

Following details are required when you make a reservation

  • Name
  • Departure day and time
  • Departure shop
  • Return day and time
  • Return shop
  • Selection of model and class
  • Option(4WD etc.)
  • Number of passengers
  • Number of children below 6 years old (number of child seats)

  Visiting the shop

Please bring the following documents when you visit the shop and tell the staff your reservation details.

  • Driver's license(all driven people)
  • Credit card or cash

Payment of the full rental charge is required at the time of departure.

  Before departure

Confirm the contract and make a signature if you accept the details. Please pay the full rental charge by credit card. If you have any questions, please ask the staff directly. When the car is ready, please confirm whether there is scratch or dent with the staff.
If everything fine, please make a signature.
Do not forget to adjust the seat mirror, to wear the seat belt when you operate the car.

  At the time of return

The rent-a-car has to be filled up with fuel. Please fill up with fuel at the nearest gasoline station before return (when it was not filled up with fuel, fuel charges depending on the mileage will be charged).
I do rate settlement such as the overtime After finish checking whether the car has scratch, the staff will calculate the final cost such as overtime payment. Finally, please make sure nothing left behind in the shop.

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