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When the accident emergency, the content from which the amountcovered is supplied is included in the rent-a-car contract.There is a difference in the rent-a-car companies about the amountcovered, and confirm it, please when you reserve it.

* I will describe one example of the content of insurance to the following.

Bodily injury liabilityUnlimited
Property damage liabilityUnlimited
Vehicle damage liabilityactual cash value /per accident
Bodily injury indemnityUp to 30 million yen (each person)

* * * * *

I compensate you for a toll without affecting the fault ratio of the vehicle driver about an injury (I include the death / physical impediment) by the automobile accident of the passenger. (to ceiling 30,000,000 yen) ) which the toll authorization is based on an insurance article, and an insurance company carries out.

* * * * *

But an immunity from responsibility amount of money of the insurance and the toll more than the paid insurances of the visitor burden you.

* * * * *

In the case of an accident when there is not it or to fall under the immunity from responsibility matter of the insurance article of the accident proof of the police, the insurance is not paid.

* * * * *

In addition, the insurance is not paid when I delay a debt tray period without prior communication, and it was used.

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